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  • Are the loaves sliced? except for Twisted Cinnamon-and some bread of the month breads, our loaves come  sliced.   The buns are sliced all through, and hotdog/brat buns are hinged.

  • Can you freeze the bread?Our bread freezes WONDERFULLY!   It will keep well enough (when properly stored), for up to six months.  Though, we recommend a month.   Pull-to-thaw bread from the freezer.  If you need to freshen it up a little bit—pop it in the old range for a few minutes on 350-ish.   For storage in the freezer, we recommend the original packaging, and in a freezer bag with as little air as possible—and it doesn’t hurt to throw the date stored on there.

  • Allergens?wheat, soy, eggs, dairy, all nuts and gluten.   please ask in the about section for specifics on individual loaves. 


  • How big are the loaves?The loaves we stock at all times come in at over a little over a lb.

  • Is it Fresh? Your bread will arrive fresh!   We bake to order.

  • Is it REALLY all-natural? Yes!   We believe bread should be simple, delicious and fluffy. 

  • Is it organic or genetically modified? all natural, baby ;)


  • Do we make gluten free products? our facility and bread is not gluten-free, and we currently do not make any gluten-free products.

  • What is your relationship with cornerstone bread co?  cornerstone bread co. is our parent company.

  • When will my product ship? your bread will be shipped from our Indianapolis facility usually within 2-3 days of placing your order.

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